Audio Jack Adapter 6.35 Male - 3.5 Female Expand

Audio Jack Adapter 6.35 Male - 3.5 Female


Audio Jack Adapter 6.35 Male - 3.5 Female. You will be able to plug a 3.5 jack from a music MP3 type Headset into a female 6.35 jack (in a stereo at home, or in a private plane for example). Compatible with the ANR (Active Noise Reduction) HIFI headsets sold on

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Audio Jack Adapter 6.35 Male - 3.5 Female

Designed to be used with headphones with a 3.5mm jack socket on a 6.35, on a stereo, or the radio equipment this can be on your favorite flying club airplane. It allows you to use a quality headset for children for example without investing in a more expensive aviation pilot headset. (See ANR Headset Stereo Headphones - Chapter : Gifts or see pictures under). The passenger will have the possibility to listen to the conversation but will not interfere in it (no mike).

interesting to stay concentrated on the flying tasks.

Can be used with the ANR headsets sold for passengers or kids on aerodiscount website like the

FRESH SOUND ANR Headset   or B-QUIET  (click on the picture)




Type :Adapter
Type de port A :jack 6,35 male
Type de port B :jack 3,5 female
Qualité de la fiche :plastic