Double Suction Support and joint for tablet or smartphone for plane Expand

Double Suction Support and joint for tablet or smartphone for plane


Tablet, smartphone GPS Support for aircraft with Double suction Pads for Fixation and an 2 articulations



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Double Suction Support and joint for tablet or smartphone



Double Suction pad mounting with suction lever with double ball joint  for tablet, smartphone, or GPS with flat back, usable on a plane.

Installed very quickly, your tablet smartphone or GPS will easily use this system with 2 suction cups. A universal support type in your aircraft. It accepts any kind of smartphone or device with a flat bottom, regardless of its size or brand.

The suction cup is firmly fixed to your cockpit windscreen or to your dashboard if it is flat and smooth or with the help of the sticker patch, without the help of any other tool.

A lever increases the suction both on the stationary surface as well as on your device. Two individual ball joint, allow you to orient your device in any angle (360°) in a blink of an eye. You will see your screen optimally and you will be able to avoid reflections.

View Angle is Easy to adjust. Easy to remove in seconds without a trace. Convenient for  the temporary use, in particular, on the airplanes of the flying club.

Can also be used in the every day life, in the car, with the car of the office or the rental vehicle, at the office or even on a wall. What more can one ask?

Treat your tablet  smartphone or GPS with a perfectly stable and secure support in your airplane.


  • Support for an aircraft cockpit, to be fixed to the windshield or on a flat surface, if necessary a patch sticker is provided and may compensate the lack of satisfactory surface. Ideal because it is universal for smartphone, tablet, or GPS
  • There is no constraint on the size or width of the unit set, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or GPS, it is a universal device. The suction cup attaches to the back of the device. If necessary, a circular sticker patch provided with the product, can improve the holding and the suction.
  • Mounting easy and secure on the dashboard. Resistant to shaking.
  • Tool-free mounting, quick to put on and take off. Can be removed without a trace if you do not use the patch stickers.
  • Optimal Orientation thanks to 2 ball joints, enabling the positioning 360°
  • Dimensions (W x h) : size of Suction cups 63 x 130 mm, 152 g
  • Composition : ABS
  • Comes with : bracket assembly 2 suction and 2 patches circular stickers the size of the suction cups.