Adapter General Aviation (twin plugs) to Single ground support Plug Expand

Adapter Single ground support Plug to General Aviation (twin plugs)



This adapter allows you to connect a headphone with dual general aviation jacks(Pj-055 and Pj-068) to a Mono jack UL male (jack type PJ-051 5.1mm) (Jack also used in planes equipped with SEFA jack) or to transform your plane headset in Ground support headset also called trackheadset or ground headset (ground support mono jack)

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Adapter 2 Female Jacks General Aviation to
UL jack SEFA or mono jack Track Headset


Adapt your general aviation dual Jacks Headset to a UL Mono Jack SEFA or Track Headset with this simple robust adapter.

This adapter allows you to transform 2 general aviation jacks (Pj-055 microphone jack and Pj-068 headset) to a SEFA mono jack (jack type PJ-051 5.1mm)
This sturdy adapter eliminates the need to buy a new headset, save you money and extend the versatility of your existing headset.


Generally the impedance of the microphone of your Headset even if it is of Dynamic type, is quite compatible with a standard installation Mono jack.