Reduced price! Passive Very Light Aviation Headset "Goody" - THE CHEAPEAST OF ALL Expand

Passive Very Light Aviation Headset "Goody"® - THE CHEAPEAST OF ALL


"Goody" Headset, the cheapest aviation headset on the market 84€ The perfect investment to start a pilot training or to have it as a spare.

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84,00 €

tax incl.

99,00 € tax incl.

-15,00 €

A PILOT headset lightweight at a VERY low entry price


The "Goody" Aviation Headset is a premium price with a good quality passive noise reduction headset.

And note that Passive attenuation is what we are looking for in the first place.

As it is named the "goody" it means this is not a "Wicked" headset despite its price....

(Sorry this is in English not in German because wicked will then be translated by böse..) LOL )

For a low price it provides high passive attenuation, 24 db NRR Passive.

24 dB is an attenuation which is already good. (you can find on the market headset more expensive but with only 21 db attenuation)

This is the perfect choice for a first headset, particularly for student in a starting program that are not sure to pursue but do not want to spit in the mike of the others or wear earcups full of grease. This is a first price very affordable, for student pilots.

If you rarely carry passengers and if you take time to explain the use of the headset (how to put it and how to remove it from the head), it can also be a small investment that will still protect their ears.

This headset  is not recommended if you often do passengers first flights or discovery flights.



Despite its price the GOODY Headset has very good Product features.


  • Built to ISO 9000 Quality Standards
  • Confort-Foam Padded Ear Seals
  • Lightweight: Under 12 oz  - 340gr (with no cable)
  • Stereo/Mono Switchable
  • Independent Left / Right Volume Controls
  • Fixed Boom (NOT 180° Rotating - not Allowing Left or Right Side Operation)
  • Low profile padded headband for comfortable wearing
  • Rectangle Closed cell acoustic foam ear seals that feature larger ear openings for a more comfortable fit.



  • - Frequency Response: 20~22, 000Hz
  • Impedance:

                  - Headphone: 300 Ohms
                  - Mic: 1.5k Ohms

  • Sensitivity(S. P. L):

                  - Headphone: 105dB
                  - Mic: -58dB

  • Rated Power:

                 - Headphone: 200mW
                 - Mic: 0.5mA

  • Driver Diameter: 40mm
  • Plug: 6.5mm 5.3mm
  • Cord Length: 6~8ft

(Manufacturer Specifications)


Considering its price, the margin we have on it and as this is a full plastic structure (Headband and fork) and can be fragile if not carefully used (particularly if twisted)

Putting it on the head an taking it off must be done with both hands.


This headset has only a one Year warranty


It is recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months.