Reduced price! QUIETLIGHT® ANR Aviation HEADSET the lightest Fully Closed earcups Expand

QUIETLIGHT® ANR Aviation HEADSET the lightest Fully Closed earcups


QUIETLIGHT® is an ANR HEADSET for PILOTS with fully closed earcups and the lightest on the market 250gr- A NEW GENERATION ANR Aviation Headset to an extraordinary price! The ultimate ANR technology  (Active Noise Reduction = Reduction), hybrid technology, (New Patents of the Provider.) Powered by a rechargeable battery Lion-Ion.Earplugs Pilot Headset like the Clariak P1

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ANR HEADSET QUIETLight® with fully closed earcups the lightest and MOST performant in its category 250 gr

 (ANR = Active Noise Reduction - Active Noise Reduction)




REALLY shifted for a LIMITED TIME only,



Normal Aerodiscount price € 375.


There is competition? With QUIETLIGHT®, it might do nothing, because the Price Quality Ratio is not excellent,

                                                               it is just EXTRAORDINARY...


Normal reaction: He is bluffing us. This is a salesman argument!

Well think again about it ! The QUIETLight® is a NEW GENERATION headset.


Our supplier offers it in limited quantity for now, so that we do know and appreciate it.... He filed new patents (2 patents), he offers them to other brands for which he manufactures their headsets...

In particular, the Hybrid Technology that miniaturized the processor, it is then less energy, no need for batterie cell(s), it is directly integrated into the whole. It is a simple USB rechargeable LI-IOn Button like on your cellular. There also is a real innovation, look at the competition! Yes! it uses the New Li-ION Technology, all this makes the whole lighter.

Technology pioneer in the ANR (Active Noise Reduction) field, he makes it a point of honor to evolve technologically and develop innovation.

Its R & D office worked on ANR analysis algorithm that instead of being static is now dynamic. The Digital Analysis adapts to the type of environmental noise.

So to return to the first pilot reaction, reading the beginning of this page, although natural, it is bad Aerodiscount's knowledge concerning our ethics and evolution.

We have always played fair and never cheated to win the competition and most of our development is due to word of mouth and slow building of our reputation, now for over 10 years.


We have just seen it, this headset ANR technology is at the forefront of innovation but in addition, it combines with wearing comfort and high quality listening too .

- Due to its lightness 250gr, the head bow does not need to be wide and padded, it is still and adjustable to the size of the head. Its tightening is low compared to other headsets.

- The earcups cushions in simili leather, provide a soft comfort and excellent seal. They rotate on two axes. Their form encompasses completely the ear and do not compress.

Shape and structure has been designed to limit EMI disturbance and reflect the extern noise.

- The microphone boom also contributes to the lightness. The microphone is mounted on a flexible very light and fine strand itself directly attached to the hull of the headset.

Two control units on the wire of the device:

- The first box is to operate the ANR, we see if ANR is in function with a blue dot light that also indicates the charge level of the Li-Ion battery inside. We recharge it with a standard mini-USB cable - USB (cable supplied). It provides 5 to 8 hours of continuous use always depending on previous charge, utilisation and environment .

- The second control box allows you to adjust the sound. The volume adjustment is performed on each ear individually. This prevents the knobs on the earcup shell and helps to lighten the headset on the head. A small switch just below allows changing impedance, sometimes there may be incompatibility with other headsets or radio channel (some communication installations only tolerate dynamic microphones). Still below, another switch with evocative symbol, one round or two nested circles, used to switch from Mono to Stereo, depending on the equipment of your device.

On the side a female jack allows you to connect a music source or your cellphone. This is an AUX audio input for your devices
. This entry is not bi-directional with your telephone you just can listen to your correspondant speaking.

The choices on the QUIETLIGHT® headset demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the use and attentive listening to the remarks of its customers. Aerodiscount has contributed.

So you will have an experience and unmatched flying fun.

With this headset you remove the main reproach made to conventional aviation headsets, their weight. You still get a proven passive technology headphones, with closed ear cups. The form was also designed for better reflection of the external sound waves.

There are lighter!, but these are headsets earplugs like the Clariak P1 rather used in cockpits soundproof at the base. Their achievement to be optimal, should be the shape of your ear canal. If they are in a standardized form, they tend not to fit properly and may eventually fall, forcing you to re-press constantly. (even if aerodiscount has some ini its headset range)

Strength in the comfort and effectiveness of attenuation outcome from an avant garde technology.


You will try it and you will be astonished.

Aerodiscount offers you an Unbeatable price.
A truly DISCOUNT price.
ANR on, the noise cancellation is remarkable, it is -23 dB complementary over the full frequency range of human hearing.
We are all toghether at ≈ 46dB attenuation.


With a TOTAL attenuation at 46 db, this headset is more than Comparable to major brands.
Without Loss of contact with the outside anyway.


CAUTION: QUIETLIGHT® Headset does not allow rotation of the microphone boom. Using micro is systematically left.

NOTE: The ANR of this headset allows its use with a hearing aid. There is no established feedback.


ANR system:

  • Powered by an unremovable, rechargeable Lion-Ion Battery. Recharge is operated by Mini USB usb cord provided. So take care of keeping your headset battery regularly loaded.
  • The headset can be used with other passive headsets on the intercom.
  • The new processor adapts to the surrounding noise and sharpest frequencies. It allows Active Noise Reduction 23 dB and in addition to the passive attenuation.


Package Content :

~ The headset Quiet Light®
~ A Mini-USB USB cable
~ An MP3 cord 3.5 / 3.5mm
~ An adapter cord 3.5mm Male / Female 2.5mm
~ A rigid designed case with interior storage pocket for cords delivered.

* All information in this document are derived from information provided by the manufacturer.


If you decide to buy this product, put it carfeully in charge before first use.

Regularly check the battery's capacity to maintain it such as the one of your mobile phone.


It is also recalled that the microphones in our terms and conditions are guaranteed only 3 months too.