Starter Battery Super B 5200, nominal capacity: 2.6 Ah / 34Wh, Power: 660W / 1980W Expand

Starter Battery Super B 5200, nominal capacity: 2.6 Ah / 34Wh, Power: 660W / 1980W


Starter Battery Super B 5200 lithium-ion also called polymer cell batteries, lightweight and compact design capacity: 5.2 Ah / 68 Wh, power: 1320 W / 3960 W, designed for microlight aircrafts, airplanes, motorcycles , jet skis, snowmobiles, quads.

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StartER Battery Super B 5200 Li-ion Nominal capacity : 5,2Ah / 68Wh Power : 1320 w : 3960 W






Unique design of the Super B " Lithium Iron Phosphate " Li -Ion battery , also called Polymer, ensures optimal performance and provides volume and a very low weight.
This battery has an exceptional power-up, it is a high thermal stability and a complete seal. It is quickly rechargeable .
Very handy due to its size and weight, it can be tilted in all positions and is more extremely safe : no emission of gas or electrolyte loss is possible. It therefore has a negligible impact on the environment because it does not contain toxic elements .

It resists very well to vibration, recharges very quickly, its self-discharge rate is very low and its life duration remarkable. Designed for use on ULM, planes motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, quads.
It incorporates an electronic system that allows to avoid the risk of


Super B battery is a great value for money, one of the cheapest on the market. The iron phosphate cathode (LiFePO4) is used for the manufacturing. Arranged in cells, these materials are more stable and their composition avoids the risk of fire or explosion because there is no oxygen release..



 Low weight 450g
 Small volume  114x35x82
 Quick charge 1h
 Operating voltage of : 13,2V
 Nominal  capacity
 Mini power 660W
 Max power1980w
Impulse discharge 10 sec.150A
 Equivalent lead battery  567A
 Operating max Temp.60°C
Operating mini Temp. -20°C


The advantages of Lithium-Ion battery:

• High energy density: more power with less weight

• The high load currents ( short period of load)

• The high discharge currents ( for example electric cooking )

• A life Long battery ( up to six times the lifespan of conventional batteries) to be compared with the cost .

• High efficiency between charge and discharge (very little energy loss due to heating of the elements on a standard battery)

• An Energy PLUS available continuously .

• To be secured a Lithium-Ion battery has an intelligent control system, which makes it safer both for use and for the environment.

• Due to their volume and weight, lithium-ion batteries are easy to install. No complicated wiring pattern is required. + to + the - to the - .

• With a Lithium-Ion ( Li-Ion), you can last the winter without any problems, you start without any problems even after long storage, when a conventional lead battery would drained.


It is important for the health of the battery to perform a 100% full electrical load as soon as putting it into service and then let the battery discharge without exceeding the 10% charge remaining.

This operation will allow to stabilize the battery components.

Important: You must completely forget what was done with the old lead batteries Pb or Ni-Mh. It was necessary to completely discharged them from the right beginning. If you make this mistake with a Li-Ion battery, you will lose in one cycle 20% of its capacity.


Super B offers a dedicated charger that handles parameters of the load with a power of 2.5 A at 14.4 volts.

The use of a special smart charger for LiFePO4 batteries is MANDATORY.

Thus will be taken into account the ambient temperature, the size of the battery, the potential differences of the elements of the battery. Recovery functions, optimization (balancing), tests of absorption and retention after charging.


For ultralight:
Super B Aircraft range has two models for engine start 2 and 4 conventional time ULM:
- Ref. 7800 Rotax 503 ULS and UL 912;
- Ref. 10P for 582, UL 914, Jabiru 2.2 ...
For gliders or gliders requiring minimal power radio, transponder or instruments, smaller batteries (ref. 2600 or 5200) and very light seem more appropriate.

In the absence of dedicated generator to recharge, as indicated above a SPECIFIC external charger is required.