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AVIATION LIFE JACKET PILOT ADVANTAGE INOX All Options Easy Visual Check with HOOD Permanent Wear


Lifejacket AVIATION PILOT ADVANTAGE - INOX - Visual Control - ALL OPTIONS with Protecting HOOD and approved lifting harness.Short length;

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The PILOT ADVANTAGE is a high specification lifejacket designed for those wanting the best available. The all in one fold together style makes checking the lifejacket and re-packing very easy. The heavy duty cordura outer cover has a pocket on the right panel to house the manual operating cord in order to avoid accidental snagging and inflation of the lifejacket. This Lifejacket is provided with a hood protecting you from waves and hard  weather.

Aerodiscount supply this life-jacket with all options for your maximum security.

It is specially manufactured for Aerodiscount in short and indented dimensions allowing to wear it in sitting position without any fold at the pelvis and without hindrance to the new forearms allowing a totally free movment of the handle or steering wheel.


NOTE THAT WITHOUT AN APPROVED SOLAS LAMP YOUR VEST IS NOT AT AERONAUTICAL STANDARDS (I have just seen stores that sell marine lifejackets for aeronautical use and therefore do not respect the aeronautical recommendations)


This Lifejacket weighs only 750g and is manufactured in FRANCE to the latest CEN Standards.

The Pilot Advantage Lifejacket is fitted with a SOLAS sealight, easy don spray hood click together crotch strap. Other standard features include SOLAS retroreflective tape, emergency whistle approved to EN394, lifting loop, high specification edge binding, belt size to fit adults up to 125cm. Suitable for adults over 30kg. The Pilot Advantage is compatible with 4 and 5 point seat harnesses.

This vest according to aeronautical specifications allows the upturn of the person in less than 5 seconds.

(for information -Cardridge weight "33gr" alone and full of gas 135 gr to be able to check it)

This lifejacket comes in UML standard manual

Pilot Advantage Professional Aircrew Lifejacket
Unbeatable performance, reliability and durability.
Aerodiscount offers it to you with all options, it will therefore be necessary for you to compare what is comparable, bag of protection for stocking, QBZ (quick burst zip) zippers with quick opening reusable instead of the Velcro, curls stainless steel, between the legs strap, marine SOLAS lamp, whistle, reflective SOLAS bands and visual system of quick check on good functioning.


If your overwater leg will take you out of safe gliding distance of land, lifejackets should be worn, un-inflated, by each occupant for the whole of the flight. Modern designs, such as the Raider and GA-1 lifejackets are designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. This is an important factor as if the lifejackets are not comfortable, there may be a temptation not to wear them. Remember, there will probably not be enough time (or space) for passengers and crew to don them in a real emergency situation. The Raider and GA-1 models are designed to be worn un-inflated, and are quick and easy to inflate once outside the aircraft plane or helicopter

CAA Approved, or not CAA Approved?

For Public Transport operations, under an Air Operators Certificate (AOC), CAA Approved designs, such as the Beaufort CLJ Mk20, are required. These designs are not intended for use in General Aviation, as they are not designed to be worn for the duration of the flight - they lack the durability and protective covering required for regular use.

Moreover, any CAA Approvals lapse once the lifejacket is unpacked, and they require inspection and repacking at a CAA or JAR145-approved establishment before next use. These are best considered as "one-shot" designs, intended for use once-only in a real emergency.

It was for this reason that the Pilot Advantage and the Raider-type designs were developed. Their design allows them to be worn, protected by a durable outer sleeve, and they are instantly ready for inflation when required. They are sufficiently comfortable, even when worn under a 5-point aerobatic harness, to not interfere with vision, movement or comfort during flight.


Lifejacket servicing is so important and unfortunately it is quite often overlooked.  It is vital to check that the life jacket is in perfect working order so that it won't let you down when you need it the most.  We recommend that you get your lifejacket serviced annually to maintain it's optimum performance. You wouldn't drive a car without an MOT so don't wear a lifejacket without getting it serviced.

The advantage with the non CAA-FAA life vest is that an annual inspection is only recommended and can be performed by trained a personnel. A member of Flying Club or the mechanic of the club. The manufacturer provides an online video training and provide this facility. You will also have to keep a maintenance track booklet for each vest.

We have manufacturer trained and approved service stations across the UK and Europe. To locate your nearest please contact us using the e-mail form on the 'contact us' page, or alternatively telephone them on 0044 151 647 4410.

If you are a mainland UK customer they can also offer a factory service which involves the following:                      

  • Lifejacket inflated to the correct pressure and tested for pressure loss
  • Check inflatable stole for abrasion and stole welds for embrittlement
  • Examine gas cylinder to check the minumum weight and to check for corrosion
  • Check the operating head, base cartridge on auto models, safety clip and cylinder seat gaskets
  • Check operation of manifold non return valve and check the seal, stud and nut for damage
  • Check oral tube at seal, bend and shaft for damage, check dust cap is present and check the operation of the non return valve
  • Check whistle is present and operational
  • Examine the retroreflective tape
  • Examine buckles and closures for damage
  • Examine webbings and the security of stiching throughout including all bound edges for fray
  • Check the sea-light, sprayhood and crotch strap if fitted
  • Check the condition of the cover



Please note: when returning life jackets for refund, a charge will be made to cover the cost of servicing the equipment. The following charge applies to lifejackets 45€



Sorry: This is a result of small misadventures of dishonest people.

Explanation: You buy a life jacket, you use it and mutilate it (invisible), you order a new one and ask within the 15 days a refund, meantime you substitute the damaged with the new.

Other Trick you cross the channel (one time only) you order life-jackets, you and your travel within 15 days you go back and ask the rembourssement. You had free life jackets for your trip. Nice isn't it?